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What is the difference between the Android, Blackberry, iPhone,  and Windows Phone operating systems?

I have my favorite but I'll try to just lay down the facts. What works for me may not work for you. Nothing is more important than actually using the intended device in the store or trying your friends, families, or coworkers. I'm just going to compare basics and try and stay from some of the more organic qualities that are always in a state of upgrade or question such as flash in the browser, antenna issues, or multi tasking. I'll start with the...


  • The pros: Very customizable. Open source operating system is easily changed, hacked, manipulated, and molded to fit whatever functionality you had in mind. Your friend definitely has one to try. Found on all platforms for all prices depending on what hardware and software version you are interested in. Second largest app store. The battery is usually replaceable.
  • True multi-Tasking.

  • The cons: Open source operating system is great for developers but not good for security. Many reports of potential security threats at this time. On that note updates are being released very frequently to fix holes in the system and the Android market is being checked regularly for potential threats.

  • The neutral: So many versions you must do your homework to know what you are really looking at. Hardware and software version is chosen by the manufacturer. Lots of icons inside icons.
Android should be treated with the same care as your home PC or laptop. It has all of their functionality but must be protected with antispyware and antivirus to maintain a peak experience. Android is especially useful if you are a student as most schools have more Android apps created by students for student use than any other operating system. More on Android here      Shop for Android here


      The first wide spread PDA device. The pros, neutrals, and cons: Useful for checking email. Blackberry uses their own servers so they are very secure however when they have a server problem it is wide spread and can take days to fix large areas of service. Trying to keep up with iPhone and Android. Web browsing is ok at best. Limited apps. User interface is love/hate. Due to being the most secure they are excellent for business where extra frills are not necessary or contractually not allowed. More on Blackberry here     Shop for Blackberry here


  • The pros: The first smartphone that was actually smart. Always turns on and always works. Same operating experience on all iPhones. The screen has the most pixel density. Hardware is made for Apple to Apple specs and cannot be changed. Has the largest app store. Most phone accessories are made for iPhone ranging from alarm clock docking stations and credit card scanners to stun guns. No other phone has the accessory capability that the iPhone has due to manufacturer interest. The smartphone that made all other phone manufactures step up their game and make smartphones that actually worked for day to day business and fun. Your friend definitely has one to try.

  • The cons: It's not available on all carriers but this is expanding. The battery is not replaceable which is why all the iPhone users you know have it plugged in all the time as the battery degrades.

  • The neutral: Closed platform. There can be no changes made to the design. All applications must look and function with the continuity of the Apple operating system in mind. This creates a very secure and stable environment with little to none in customization features. Lots of icons inside icons. The screen is much smaller than it's competitors options at this time. Screen size will reportedly be much larger with the release of iPhone 5. More on iPhone here    

 Windows Phone.

  • The pros: Mix of closed and open source. All apps must be created with the end user in mind in terms of functionality. Programs are arranged in alphabetical order. When you tap on a letter the alphabet is shown and you can tap on Y for YouTube for example and go straight to the YouTube apps location. Must be fully booted in 30 seconds or less from the time you press the power button or it will not meet Windows Phone spec. Battery is replaceable on most handsets. Hardware minimum specs set forth by Microsoft must be adhered to. Same operating experience on all Windows Phones. All programs open sandboxed so they cannot in any way effect another part of the operating system. Marketplace is monitored. AVG Security was pulled after one day due to code that looked at personal information. Carrier IQ is not installed. Partnership with Nokia.

  • The cons: New system has some maturing to do. Your friend probably doesn't have one to try.

  • The neutral: SD card not replaceable however there is cloud storage via SkyDrive. Live tiles do not open to icons but actually display information. Your screen will be constantly moving and updating information for you to see at a glance. When live tiles are opened they take you to programs and information hubs. Smallest but fastest growing app store. More on Windows Phone here
  •     Shop for Windows Phone here   

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We hope that we have answered the following questions and have made it easier to compare and choose the right operating system for your needs.

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· What is the difference between Android and Windows Phone?

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· What is the difference between Blackberry and iPhone?

· What is the difference between Blackberry and Windows Phone?

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· What is the difference between Windows Phone and Blackberry?

· What is the difference between Windows Phone and iPhone?

· What is the difference between Blackberry, Android, Windows, and iPhone?

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