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What do I do if my cell phone keeps freezing? Why would I pull my cell phone battery?

If your cell phone keeps freezing, and this can be followed by it shutting itself down can be several issues. The first fix is to pull the battery. Leave the battery out for at least 1 minute. I recommend holding it in your hand so you don’t forget your phone is off. Keeping the battery out will disconnect you from any tower you may be attached to and give the cell phone a chance to cool off. This will also allow the programs to completely shut down and also be released from the current tower. After replacing the battery and restarting the phone you have the same issue you may have a software glitch. A hard reset would be in order. If the hard reset does not fix the problem you need to have your phone replaced under warranty by your carrier or manufacturer. If your battery is not removable report the problem to your carrier for assistance.

What is a cell phone hard reset?

A hard reset wipes your cellular phone clean of all information and restores it back to its original factory settings. Make sure all of your information is backed up as anything on the phone will be gone. This is one of the best ways to solve mystery problems such as freezing, crashing, etc. See your manual or ask your carrier for details on your particular cell phone.

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